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The Play Station

In 2006 we realised that our school children needed their "own place."  After all, they were no longer nursery children and we were being told loud and clear that nursery was for babies and not for big school children.

We listened, and acted.  We bought a red brick house on the other side of the road 100 metres away from the nursery.  It was renovated and tailored to the school children's requirements.  They named it The Play Station.

Play Station opening hours are Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 8.30am for breakfast club and then 2.00pm - 6.00pm.  Everyone tumbles in the door after a busy day at school to enjoy a good snack and an afternoon of taking part in all sorts of activities.

Homework Room We help you with your spelling, words and reading homework.  If Mum & Dad prefer you can do your written homework and they will check it when you get home.
Kitchen Food, food, food!  We know you like it and there's plenty to go around.  When you come in from school there's an afternoon snack with fresh fruit and a drink of milk.
Large Garden & Patio From swing ball to football, basketball to scooters!  There's so much for you to do.
What Would You Like To Do? You have lots of choice.  Tell us your favourite activity so we can join in!
Art Room The art room consists of all types of materials for the best fun activities you can think of.
Chill Zone & Games Room P4-P7's have a room of their own where they choose to play games, read or chill.

There are also lots of games and puzzles to be found.

For kicking off your shoes and lounging!  Complete with TV, DVD Player, CD Player, Dance mat, games and two comfy big sofas for stretching on.