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Preschool & Burrow

How exciting it is to become a 'pre-schooler' and go upstairs to play.

At The Rocking Horse we have two pre-school groups, Preschool & Burrow, who work separately in the mornings and come together for activities later in the day.

Preschoolers are younger children who have just moved on from Tweenies and Burrow are the children preparing to go to Primary School in September.

Mornings are used to concentrate on pre-school education and the children work in groups depending on age.

By pre-school age your child will be an active explorer, enjoy learning and will be an enthusiastic young person.

We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which we deliver the Pre-School Curriculum to ensure that each child is educated through play using:

  • The Arts
  • Language Development
  • Early Mathematical Experiences
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Movement
  • The World Around Us

Our staff work together to plan a full curriculum of fun activities which supports the child's development and ensures they enjoy their day at nursery.

Your child will make friends and establish good relationships with everyone they meet.  Self confidence will grow as the child learns to observe, participate, challenge, communicate, negotiate, problem solve, and develop a strong natural curiosity, all made possible with the support & sensitivity of experienced staff.

Stories, songs, rhymes, music, outdoor play, arts, crafts, play dough, puzzles, construction, show & tell and circle time are just a few of the all important pieces of the jigsaw, that make up a child's day in pre-school.

"Play that is well-planned and pleasurable helps children to think, to increase their understanding and to improve their language competence.  It allows children to be creative, to explore and investigate materials, to experiment and to draw and test their conclusions... such experience is important in catching and sustaining children's interests and motivating their learning as individuals and in co-operation with others."  Starting with Quality, The Rumbold Report, HMSO 1990

Your child will leave us and go to Primary School having had their full pre-school nursery education within the safe and secure environment of The Rocking Horse Nursery.