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Toddler Room

The move to toddler room can come in only a matter of weeks after your little one has settled into Tippy Toe's.  Your toddler will soon show you a real personality and a mind of their own to match, growing very quickly and getting even more confident on those feet that never stop.

Walking, running and climbing are all so exciting and it's now time to be a dare devil too. Everything a toddler does helps their confidence to grow and gives a great sense of independence.  At this stage the children need encouragement and freedom to explore, as well as clear boundaries and limits to feel safe and secure.

The Toddler Poem

If I like it - IT'S MINE
If it's in my hands - IT'S MINE
If it looks like it's mine - IT'S MINE
If I think it's mine - IT'S MINE
Everything else is MINE too.


They will come!  Our aim is to help parents understand their child's development and work together with us to manage each stage the child goes through.