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Baby Room

Babies need a calm environment in which to be cared for, nurtured and stimulated.  To ensure this, at The Rocking Horse Nursery, our baby room is divided into separate areas.

We have the main baby room where over the months everyone learns to play, practice reaching for toys, rolling on the floor, sitting up, getting onto all fours, crawling, pulling themselves up, staggering around the furniture and finally walking.

In the baby room kitchen the babies are fed in their highchairs and then move on to practice feeding themselves.   All nursery meals are prepared in the main kitchen by our cook and brought to the baby kitchen to be pureed or mashed to the consistency of each individual baby.

We have a changing room where we also keep each child's nursery bag and basket.  Each basket is named and contains all the things you have supplied for your baby's needs.

We have two separate cot rooms beside the baby room and each baby has their own cot.  We supply all the bedding for the cots and we do the laundry too.  There is an intercom in each cot room which feeds through to staff in the baby play room.  Sleeping babies are checked every 10 minutes.

What you need to bring each day in a SMALL nursery bag What you bring and leave in the baby room We supply 
Bottles and formula for younger babies
Two spare sets of clothing
Nappies, wipes, sudocrem
Sun hat, sun cream
Teething gel
Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea
All sheets, blankets and bibs
Cow's milk for older babies


Every baby is an individual and at nursery we follow your routine and ensure that your baby eats and sleeps at similar times to home.

Settling in visits

We have two settling in visits before your baby's first big day at nursery.  On day one, you and baby come along and settle yourselves into the baby room.  This is a great opportunity for staff and families to get to know each other and for your baby to meet all the friends they will get to know.

This is the time to ask all those questions and for the room supervisor and staff to talk you through a typical day at nursery.  It's also a good time to bring along your supplies of nappies etc. and your written routine for us to follow.

On day two you leave baby with us for about an hour and take time out to head home and have that much needed peaceful cup of tea you've been dreaming about for months.  This gives your baby another opportunity to meet up with us all again and have a good look around before the big day.

Leaving your baby at nursery can be a nerve racking time and we know you'll want to keep in touch for a few days by phone.