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As well as your child's happiness at nursery, their safety and security also play a major part in our daily lives.  The nursery is kept secure by way of a magnetic keypad system.  When your child starts nursery you will be given the code and we would stress the importance of this code not being given to friends and relatives who may only pick your child up occasionally.  The code is changed periodically and everyone is notified in advance.

At The Rocking Horse we keep details based on the registration form that you fill in when your child starts nursery so it is vital that you keep us informed when any changes occur.  E.g. Things like moving house, new mobile or work numbers and those people authorised to pick up your child.  Parents always inform us if someone else will be picking up their child that day.


As with all children, it is only natural that during the excitement of play and adventure there will be scrapes and bumps.  Minor accidents will happen and we recognise that it is our duty to ensure that the possibility of these accidents is kept to a minimum.

All accidents which leave a mark on a child's skin are recorded into our accident records and the events surrounding the accident are relayed to parents verbally.  Parents read the report and sign the accident record.

In the event of a child being involved in an incident that requires medical attention we contact parents immediately (another important reason for us to have up to date contact details.)

We provide First Aid training for all our staff and a manager is always available to give advice.

Every four weeks we undertake Fire Drills for the whole house and evacuation times are recorded.

Toys and equipment are inspected regularly.  Anything broken or damaged is disposed of and replaced immediately. All equipment and toys are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Full risk assessments of the house are carried out alongside regular fire safety and electrical inspections.